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Small Business Websites;

Show Up On The Front Page

Let us start from scratch and TELL YOUR STORY on the Internet. When we are done we will distribute your new site to the 51 major directories for local businesses. These have replaced that dusty phone book in your drawer. Obviously, Google is the PRIME player, but being listed on the others will BOOST your Google listing higher and higher. We are the local experts.

Seo For Local Business;

Get Found By Customers

With millions of people turning to the Internet each day for local searches, you will hear the phone ring more and more each day. Getting new customers has never been easier. You will be stronger than your competition. FrontPage Solution watches them too in your reports, by the way! We also monitor your reviews, FaceBook page, and everything you need to engage your new customers.

Web Design Agency;

Everybody Uses Goolge

More and more people are using the Internet everyday. More than 1/2 of Google searches are for local businesses.

Web Marketing Agency;

Google, Yahoo And Bing Now Grade Businesses

The three major players Google, Yahoo and Bing each deliver business profiles. If you are not claimed and optimized you are losing clients to the competition.

Facebook Marketing;

Websites Need Updating

An old stagnate website will do more harm than good. Like a car, websites often need tune-ups and updates to newest technologies.

Social Media Marketing;

Proven Strategy

Any local business, large or small, can achieve high ranking results by following a simple, proven strategy. Our submission experts hand list your business. This is NEVER automated or done by computer alone. Your company will reap the benefits without spending your valuable time to research these proven Internet marketing techniques that has taken us years to develop.

FrontPage Solution

Melbourne Web and Design started in 1998, with a small website of 14 million static pages, designed to be the first business directory to have a landing page for each business in America. The website was called Digital Neighbors, and grew to an amazing Alexa rating of 17 in 2003! That means it was the 17th busiest website on the planet! The problem was we had no revenue and a bandwidth overhead of about $10,000 each month.

 A few years later, we redesigned with an SEO revenue model for City Finders, but that too grew too large for us. So we took away all the overhead of the landing pages and have created the revenue part that has worked for so many of our digital neighbors and city finders. The model is not Search Engine Optimization. Its Local Directory Management. We learned years ago, SEO is just full of so many empty promises. It is never possible to promise a Number 1 listing useless you own the search engine.

 We have learned something very important in our 14 years. Accuracy is KING! When a company is accurately listed in the major directories, very good things happen. Will you be Number 1. Maybe not, but you will be the best that anyone can guarantee. Keyword stuffing, and fake link creation. Never works for more than a few days, hours.

 Our system works. We guarantee it. We will make sure you are listed and present in over 50 directories in less than 30 days. We will show you the list, and the links that have your business. No secrets. No false promises. Just accuracy!

Small Business Websites;


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Thousands of Satisified Clients

There are no mystery listings! Everything we do is legitimate and HAND CODED! FrontPage Solution has learned how to get best results. A combination of local search, SEO and Internet marketing methods are put into action, then tweaked and refined over time.

 No third-party marketing company can guarantee top spots on any website, unless they own the directory or you are paying for a keyword placement (Google Adwords). FrontPage Solution guarantees that you will be accurately listed in over 50 directories in less than 30 days. The whole time, you will be able to see your own dashboard and progress! No Mysteries!

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